What to do after I buy cryptocurrency?


HODL means hoding crypto assets for a long time or even life time. Investors see the long term potential of value growth and hold crypto asset as store of value.


Crypto Currencies can be used for payment. Nowadays, more and more shops adopt crypto currencies as a payment method. It is getting common.


Trading Crypto Currencies for making profits is very common. You are welcome to contact COINER staff to help you regarding any crypto currencies investment/trading.

Blockchain Essentials

Natali Craig • 14 Jan 2022

Who invented Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was created by a person or a group of programmers called Satishi Nakamoto, which is a screen name. Satoshi Nakamoto wants to create a decentralised digital cash system, which is fast and reliable, to replace middleman like banks. Human errors and high transaction fee can then be eliminated. Most importantly, everyone can have his own authority to manage their assets.

Candice Wu • 15 Jan 2022

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralised peer-to-peer digital cash ledger system which run by code. Users can send and revieve bitcoin freely. Transacton progress will not involve any middleman. Also, Bitcoin is a store of value.

Bitcoin ledger system is public and transparent. Everyone can check easily. Futhermore, unlike traditional finance what has centralised authority to manage, the system is managed by various miners instead. The system relies on a consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Stake to make sure every miner/validaors’ work is correct.

Bitcoin is not a physical money. Its price is not stable and presented by how many US dollar for one Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin launched, Bitcoin price rallies every four years. Many International institutions indicate that Bitcoin is a way to tackle inflation.

Drew Cano • 13 Jan 2022

Is Bitcoin A Scam?

Bitcoin has been launched for 12 years and it is getting closer to mainstream. Institurions like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan have invested bitcoin. Company like BurgerKing, Tesla adopt bitcoin as payment method. The voice of “Bitcoin is a Scam” is getting weeker.

There are still voices that bitcoin increases the rate of crime. The fact is that crimes like counterfeit banknotes, smuggling existed before 2009. Bitcoin is an technology which is a tool to change the people life. Whether It is crime or not, depended on how people use it. Besides, there are many crypto-related scams. It happens at many different markets. Be safe out there.

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